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We needed a brush that can be used with wet or dry hair, so we made one! It has firm but flexible bristles, so it untangled even the most fragile hair without cracking.

The new hair brush, is ideal for tangled or knotted hair, and has been designed with 3 different heights of bristles of great flexibility. This type of bristles flex when brushing a knot, tangle or extension. With flexion, the pressure on the hair decreases avoiding pulling, discomfort, breakage and loss of hair, but at the same time untangles and undoes the knots. It is also so light that you do not feel it in your hand or purse!


  • It is firm in its use, and does not electrify the hair. Its versatility makes it ideal for medium and thick hair, curly or straight, with medium or large volume.
  • Slide with dry, wet hair and even with the dryer (do not directly apply the heat of the dryer on the brush).
  • Ultralight.


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