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KIT CANIS (Styling Tool Holder + Styling Tool Mat & Travel Case + Professional Comb)

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Styling Tool Holder

Professional Comb

Styling Tool Mat & Travel Case

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PYT's Canis Stellar Kit contains:

  • Soporte para rizador o plancha
  • Professional Comb
  • Funda Termica.



Take care of your PYT tools and your furniture!

The PYT Styling Tool Holder is a practical solution for professionals and home users looking for more comfort when using PYT tools.

Protects person and surfaces from heat while hair is being handled or Styling Tool is not in use.

It can be easily installed or attached to any surface whether horizontal or vertical, glass or a wall, thanks to its mounting device. Made of highly heat resistant material (up to 500° F / 260° C).



Make your straightening even easier!

The PYT Professional Comb allows you to save time since it facilitates straightening, its hinged handle keeps the hair taut when combing it while it is straightened with the hair straightener, obtaining better results and in less time.

The PYT Professional Comb is heat resistant up to 500° F (260° C), you can also use it in the application of hair treatments.


Protect your PYT tools!

With our Styling Tool Mat & Travel Case you no longer have to worry about burning the spaces where you place the hair iron or curling iron.

The PYT Styling Tool Mat & Travel Case protects all surfaces from heat and allows you to store the tool even when it is hot. It is ideal to transport your hair iron or curling iron safely, it gives you comfort since by withstanding temperatures of up to 500° F you do not have to wait for your tools to cool down to store them, in addition to taking care of them from shocks or bumps avoiding fracture or scratch.


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