COMBO FÉNIX (Rizador + Mini plancha + Funda térmica)

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Digital Curler

Mini plancha de cerámica con placas de 0.5”

Funda térmica

Voltaje dual para viajes por el mundo

Cable giratorio de 360°

5 year warranty.

⭐By purchasing this product you can enjoy free and personalized training.

🎁In addition we give you an Ecological Bag (for a greener world) and a thermal Glove.

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El combo estelar Fénix de PYT incluye:

  • Un rizador.
  • A Mini Ceramic Styler with 0.5”plates.
  • Funda Termica.


All tools have:

  • Dual voltage for travels around the world.
  • The 360° swivel cable allows you to rotate the curling iron in any direction for ease.




More professional looks in less time!

With the PYT Curlers you can make fashionable hairstyles in the blink of an eye. In addition, the results will last you more than three times what they last with other curlers for their infrared heat technology.

Our clip-free curler allows you to make 9 different curl and wave styles. Its tourmaline bar contains negative ions and infrared heat that eliminate frizz and seal the cuticle resulting in smooth and shiny hair. With a medium curling iron you can perform from defined curls to loose waves.


  • Barra tamaño 19mm
  • Maximum heat 450º F
  • Dual voltage (120v / 240v) for safe travels around the world.
  • 360° swivel cord allows the curler to be rotated in either direction for added ease.





For travel and comfort!

The PYT Mini Ceramic Styler will give you the comfort you need and is perfect for taking on walks or retouching in the gym.

PYT Mini Ceramic Styler feature 100% ceramic and infrared heat plates that ensure even heat distribution for healthy, frizz-free hair.

Its floating smart plates adjust the tension and allow perfect waves, in addition to emitting negative ions that seal the cuticle providing greater shine and smoothness.


  • 100% ceramic plates: ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic material capable of distributing heat evenly over its entire surface. Protects and seals the cuticle of the hair and allows faster styling.
  • Dual voltage for safe world travels.
  • The 0.5” plates are perfect for short hair or touch-ups.





¡Protege tus herramientas PYT!

Con nuestra Funda Térmica ya no tienes que preocuparte por quemar los espacios donde colocas la plancha o el rizador.

La Funda Térmica de PYT cuida todas las superficies del calor y te permite guardar la herramienta aún cuando está caliente. Es ideal para transportar tu plancha o rizador de manera segura, te brinda comodidad ya que al soportar temperaturas de hasta 500°F no tienes que esperar que tus herramientas se enfríen para guardarlas, además de que las cuida de los choques o golpes evitando que se fracturen o se rayen.


Gift included:

      ⭐Ecologic bag (for a greener world)
      ⭐ Thermal glove

Additional information

Elige la Mini Plancha

Amarilla, Lila, Rosa, Turquesa

Elige el Rizador

Negro 19mm, Soleil 25mm Fucsia, Soleil 25mm Negro, Soleil 32mm Fucsia, Soleil 32mm Negro


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