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High nutrition product for hair and skin, generates repair and high hydration.

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May your hair have shine!

The Argan Oil will give you the shine and softness you were looking for just by using it a couple of times a month.

The oil-based treatment of Argan Oil penetrates the hair follicle leaving it nourished, healthy and frizz free. It provides deep hydration for the hair with a fat-free formula that results in strong and healthy follicles without leaving oily residue.

The Argan Oil, is derived from the Argan Oil tree native to Morocco and is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E for hair strengthening and hydration.


Mode of use: Apply a minimum amount on the nights before bed.

Do not expose to radiation and sunlight.

1 review for ACEITE DE ARGÁN 50ml

  1. Cristina Palacio

    El aceite de Argán nutre mis puntas y cada vez hace que mi pelo se vea más brillante y huele deli…. Se los recomiendo chicas…

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