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Product of nutrition, care and hydration for all hair types.

High content of Argan Oil , omega 3 and 9, collagen, keratin and vitamin E.

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Do you have broken, damaged or dry hair?

The mask of Argan Oil repairs damaged hair by dyeing, using irons or curling irons and environmental damage.

It leaves your hair soft, repairs split ends and you recover your hair!


The reconstruction mask, with a high degree of concentration of Argan Oil, repairs the hair and restores its shine and elasticity, leaving it soft and full of life.

The mask protects from environmental effects and repairs broken hair ends.

Safe to use in dyed hair.


Argan oil is derived from the Argan tree native to Morocco and is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E for hair strengthening and hydration.


Mode of use

This product has two uses the first of daily and frequent use can be 1 or 2 times a week depending on the level of sensitivity.

The application should be done from means to ends in the manner of milking with an exposure of 2 to 8 min, should be rinsed completely, preferably with cold water to facilitate washing and improve the appearance of the hair.

The other use is in repolarization:

For this process we must wash the hair, remove excess moisture and apply the mask either alone or with other nutrition products.

We apply it in the form of milking of means to ends or in the most sensitized area of the hair and then we proceed to give it heat for its complete absorption..
If you have your PYT Ceramic Iron, do it at the lowest temperature of the iron by passing it only 2 and 3 times, let stand 25 min and rinse thoroughly with plenty of water

If your iron is metal, you must use a dryer and with the help of a thermal cap let it sit for 45 min and rinse thoroughly.


  1. Camila Alzate

    La compre para la repolarizacion y súper!!

  2. Dayana tuarte

    La uso hace 3 meses y mi cabello ha mejorado bastante.

    También compre el aceite

  3. Sandra makeup

    Me encanta!!

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