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Auto power off.

25% longer plate.

2.75m swivel cord.

MCH heating elements that maintain a uniform temperature.

Far infrared beam, maintaining maximum humidity for healthy and hydrated hair.

Ajuste digital de temperatura desde 170F hasta 450˚F.

Dual voltage for travels around the world.

1 year warranty.

⭐By purchasing this product you can enjoy free and personalized training.

🎁We also give you an Ecological Bag (for a greener world).



Infrared Styler = Perfect hair, smooth and durable!

PYT Infrared Styler are the ideal tool for those who want a longer lasting straight and protect their hair from dehydration due to direct heat, the material of this hair iron is titanium coated in a ceramic enamel and in turn contains a ray of red light infrared that cares and softens the hair as it passes. In addition, infrared has an important stimulus in hair growth.

Also, these hair irons use a far infrared beam strip contained within the 1.25" ceramic plates, which are infused with tourmaline.

This strip of infrared has transmits far infrared wavelengths directly to the core of the hair, releasing millions of negative ions with each stroke, sealing the cuticle for shiny results, without frizz and allowing the hair to retain more moisture.


  • Digital adjustable temperature from 170°F to 450˚F (76˚C to 230˚C), suitable for all hair types and textures.
  • Far infrared beam retains maximum moisture for healthy and hydrated hair.
  • Negative Ion Projector seals the cuticle for frizz-free results.
  • Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes.
  • Dual voltage (110/ 220) (120v / 240v) for safe travels around the world.
  • MCH heating elements Maintain uniform temperature.
  • 360° swivel cord and 1.25” of long allows the hair iron to be rotated in any direction to create perfect waves.
  • 25% longer plates
  • 5 year warranty.


Gift included:

      ⭐ Ecological bag (for a greener world).

⭐By purchasing this product you can enjoy free and personalized training.



  1. Mabel

    Adiós al frizz!!!

  2. Rosmira

    Excelente que puedo controlar y ver la temperatura

  3. Susi Gonzales

    Soy cliente pyt hace 3 años y toda mi familia utiliza pyt.

    A mi me parece que está infrarroja es la mejor plancha que ha sacado la marca.

  4. Guillermina

    Puedo hacer ondas o solo alisar mi cabello, y me he dado cuenta que el planchado me dura muchísimo mas

  5. Gabriela

    Mi cabello luce realmente increíble desde que h estado utilizando esta plancha

  6. Magdalena Caro

    Me gusta porque cuida mi cabello que es bastante fino

  7. Rosalía

    Tengo ya varios meses usándola y tenía que venir a comentar como mi cabello ahora se ve hermoso, hidratado y queda sedoso. De verdad la recomiendo

  8. Lucero

    La plancha es muy versátil y se calienta como en unos 30seg y no pierde la temperatura, se las recomiendo!!

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