PYT Warranties Program

Todos nuestros productos eléctricos cuentan con 5 años de garantía

Please review the following information and follow the instructions carefully to make use of our warranty and technical service program.

Let's first make the distinction between warranty and technical service, our warranty policy is based on any factory defect that occurs with a PYT tool in 5 years or less, after purchased, product fix is 100% free and takes 10 days skillful for delivery to the respective owner.

The technical service is an additional service that we offer to ensure that all PYT users can enjoy their products even when an accident has occurred (ex: broken plate, broken cable, etc.), this service has an additional cost depending on the damage, for please contact [email protected]com for more information about cost.

For any of the two services, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Delivery of the defective product: the product that requires service must be sent to the Medellín main office at the following address: Calle 10 # 43B - 66. You can also take your product to any of our points of sale.

In case you cannot take it, we offer to collect the product within the Metropolitan area at a cost.

  1. What to include in the shipment?: Product information: describe in detail what failure the product is presenting. Contact Information: Be sure to include your full name, email, cell phone, and address.
  2. How should the product be shipped?: Please send the defective product, preferably in its original packaging.
  3. Alternate Shipping and Costs: Please include cash payment of shipping or cost of technical service with the product, of being the case.

Remember: You must send attached a photocopy of the purchase invoice dated less than or equal to 5 years. * Only the photocopy of the original purchase invoice will act as valid proof to use the guarantee. *

Do you have any doubt?  Contact us! Write us at [email protected] or call us at (4) 3222498