Frequent Questions

Our point of sale is located at Calle 10 #43b-66, Medellín – Antioquia.

At the moment we are only located in Medellín, in the Mayorca Shopping Center, but we ship nationwide.

You can contact us through our landline (4) 322 2498 or by WhatsApp at 304 361 0747 and we will answer all your questions.

All our products are warranty for 5 years from the moment the purchase is made, due to factory defects.

Of course! The warranty is the same whether it is purchased at the point of sale or through the internet and its period is 5 years due to manufacturing defects.

To clean the plates of your Styler, it is recommended to use cotton and antiseptic alcohol.
You add some alcohol to a piece of cotton and then pass it through the plates of the Styler, in that way you clean them without damaging them.

Once you buy the product at the point of sale, they will teach you how to use it. If you don't learn or maybe you forget how to use it, you have unlimited training. If you buy online, they will also train you how to use your product. In this case, a video call is scheduled with the person who will train you.

If you do not have PYT products but want to learn how to do different hairstyles, we offer you a course with a cost of $ 60,000 pesos that includes trainings on how to handle the styler iron, how to get frizz with an styler iron or curling and how to care for your hair with our cosmetics based of argan.

PYT offers you the separate plan, which consists of setting aside the product giving an initial fee of at least 50,000 COP and the remaining amount you can pay in a period of 5 months, respecting the agreed price. You can access this payment facility, at the point of sale located in the Mayorca Outlet Shopping Center, Bogota, Colombia.

  • How long it take to get my shipment?

If you are in Medellín or nearby municipalities we ship the same day.

If you are in major cities in Colombia, delivery takes 2 to 3 business days.

If you are in other cities / municipalities / towns it can take between 3 to 5 business days.

  • To which parts are shipments made?

We ship to all of Colombia and the United States.

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  • Shipping prices?

If you are in Medellín or nearby municipalities the price is between 8,000 COP and 10,000 COP

If you are in major cities in Colombia the price is 15,000 COP

If you are in other cities / municipalities / towns the price is between 20,000 COP to 25,000 COP

  • Authorized distributors

Peluquería Balayage.

Peluquería Luxury.

Salon estudio Adolfo Arango.

Atempo salón.

Make up academy.

Sebastian Agudelo.

Alldya tienda virtual.

Points of sale in other cities


Barranquilla CC viva local319A.

Pereira CC único local 34.

Bogotá CC Santafé local 266.

Cali CC único local 211.